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Business Taxes

Wondering how to optimize tax savings for your business in Midlothian, Richmond, and Chesterfield County? Jones Tax Service LLC, staying abreast of federal and state tax laws, tailors financial services to meet specific needs. Through meticulous record-keeping, advice on back taxes, electronic filing, and comprehensive tax planning, we secure financial benefits for business owners throughout the year. 

Our services extend to the preparation of federal/state income tax returns, employer’s quarterly and annual tax returns, and personalized solutions for small business owners. Schedule a free consultation to explore tailored tax strategies for your business success.


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Reliable Personal Income Tax Assistance in VIRGINIA

Personal Taxes

Are you in need of dependable assistance for the preparation and filing of your personal income tax returns in the Midlothian, Richmond, and Chesterfield County area? Look no further than Jones Tax Service LLC, where our extensive range of personal taxation and tax planning services is tailored to individuals and families, small business owners, as well as retirees or the self-employed. 

Whether you’re a business owner or employed by others, our team at Jones Tax Service LLC stays abreast of all recent federal and state tax laws to ensure you receive optimal financial benefits both at income tax time and throughout the year.


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Strategic Tax PLANS

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is crucial for overall financial security, and Jones Tax Service LLC is here to guide you through the process under IRS and state regulatory guidelines. From preparing personal income tax returns to developing comprehensive tax management plans, we focus on minimizing tax burdens throughout the year.

Life-changing events such as the birth of a child, marriage, or divorce significantly impact tax planning. Jones Tax Service LLC provides tailored advice to help you navigate these events, ensuring you maximize tax advantages. Whether it’s real estate transactions, cashing out stock options, or other significant financial decisions, our guidance is designed to optimize your tax position.

Discover the many benefits of strategic tax management by contacting our office for an in-depth review of your unique situation.

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expert guidance resolving unpaid taxes in virginia

Unpaid Back Taxes

Unpaid back taxes in Midlothian, Richmond, and Chesterfield County can lead to escalating penalties and levies from the IRS and/or state. Jones Tax Service LLC provides vital information, guidance, and competent representation for individuals and businesses facing this financial threat.

How can we help with your tax debt struggle? Jones Tax Service LLC offers effective IRS and/or state representation, negotiates feasible payment options, and works to reduce tax debt. Whether you can make a sizable payment or need a more manageable approach, consult with us for an informed assessment and the best possible tax settlement.

Consequences of delaying payment of unpaid back taxes are severe, with debt rapidly escalating. Jones Tax Service LLC minimizes penalties and prevents further financial misfortune.

For reliable assistance with unpaid back taxes, visit our office for a free and confidential assessment.


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Solutions for personal or business unfiled taxes

Unfiled Taxes

Jones Tax Service LLC addresses unfiled tax returns, providing solutions for individuals and businesses. Failing to file is a serious offense, and our expertise can restore peace of mind. We rectify pending filings, facilitating equitable settlements and reducing penalties and interest.

Unfiled returns in Midlothian, Richmond, and Chesterfield County can lead to hefty penalties. Our professional approach involves preparing outstanding returns, assessing payments and penalties, and implementing strategies to relieve or reduce tax liability.

Delaying resolution could result in the IRS filing on your behalf, without consideration for entitled deductions. Professional guidance from Jones Tax Service LLC is essential for successful resolution, providing actual savings in the long run.

Residents and businesses in Midlothian, Richmond, and Chesterfield County can benefit from a free consultation for unfiled tax returns, ensuring correct rectification and competent representation if necessary.

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Secure your financial success with Jones Tax Service LLC – Our commitment extends beyond preparing tax returns; we aim to optimize savings, provide sound advice on back taxes, and offer personalized solutions for sustained financial well-being.